Workshops are a proven method to  solve problems and plan for what’s next. Unfortunately, they  take a long time to coordinate and feel like a waste of time when everyone is already busy.  Even worse, the output from the workshop is lost when there is no documentation of the discussion. There is no worse feeling than wasting a lot of effort for very little gain. That said, the potential wins from a well-executed workshop cannot be ignored when your team is struggling.


So what can you do?


If you have a process to improve or a challenge to get through, let us plan and facilitate your workshop for you! You give us a topic and schedule, and we’ll put together the workshop that best meets your needs. Using the Syncopated method, we will bring your team together to solve problems in a fun and interesting way.  After the workshop, you’ll receive a detailed outline of the output of your discussions in addition to a framework for the best way to execute the next steps.

Abby Dryer conducting one of our Branding Workshops