Facilitate off-beat approaches to problem solving, goal setting, and tactical planning for companies and their employees to maximize employee morale and long-term success of the company.

Syncopated Consulting was created out of a passion for making work make sense, ever striving for that elusive “work/life balance”.  There are too many horror stories of confusion and delay due to changes in leadership, restructures, or mergers & acquisitions. As a result, we created a framework that helps teams build their own unique culture.  Our dynamic approach to solving problems is especially effective at motivating teams to work together and find the best way forward.

Much like syncopated music stresses unaccented beats, the Syncopated Consulting approach targets potentially overlooked voices. This allows leadership to fully embrace the complexity within their teams and bring everyone together.  That harmony brings the balance between improving the bottom line and increasing employee morale and retention.

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I recently had the pleasure to work with Abby, where I brought her into Serendipity Labs Chicago Loop to speak. Not only did she give valuable information, she was very engaging with our members and sent a well organized and professional follow up document that reviewed all the information we covered during our time together. Very helpful!


Ashley Seaverson, General Manager @ Serendipity Labs Chicago